Apr 4, 2016

Apr 4, 2016

TonyMoly Kiss Lover Lip Master #6

Today I want to share with you a gorgeous Lip product, it is the TonyMoly  Kiss Lover Lip Master.  I'm quite late discovering this since TonyMoly is such a popular brand in Korea. Their products are very good in terms of quality and also very affordable.  Lip stain and lip tint are so popular right now, there are so many good ones to choose from, but the reason why I'm so excited about this is because it might be a possible dupe for the YSL glossy stain. 

The packaging looks very similar, equal size, same opening in the front displays the color. They  have the same type of applicator that has a pointy brush tip. On to the actual product, the formula and consistency felt almost identical, very thin, a bit of watery, but very opaque and applies smoothly. It doesn't emphasize dryness or fine lines, felt very moisturizing and not sticky. 

TonyMoly Kiss Lover Lip Master #6

The color I got is #6 so coral. It is a beautiful coral pink color with a hint of neon orange, it looks brighter in real life than in the picture. The formula wears very comfortable and has a glossy finish. It lasts couple hours and leaves a natural coral stain after the top layer wears off. 

Compare to the YSL glossy stain, the TonyMoly Kiss lover lip master only comes with 8 different color, but with much affordable price ( $7 - $10) and such great quality, I do think they are great dupes for the YSL glossy stain. If you are interested of getting some lip stain to try but also on a budget, these are worth checking out. 


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