May 5, 2015

May 5, 2015

April Favorites | 2015

I have a little bit of everything for the month of April, skin care, makeup, hair but majority of them is from one brand, L'oreal. What a coincidence!
Starting from the skin care category, I only have one favorite this month and it's the Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil. My skin doesn't like oils, I've learned that after trying the clarins facial oil, fresh seaberry oil, ole henriksen, etc. Until I met this one by the body shop. This vitamin E overnight serum is a miracle on my skin. It's not greasy or oily, very light and doesn't take long to sink in. The result is I woke up with better skin every morning if I put this on at night. My overall complexion is much brighter, looks like I was well-rested even when I wasn't. 

Makeup favorites of the months first is the L'oreal True Match Natural Mineral concealer. This isn't new, I had this for a very long time and I totally forgot about it. It is the best powder for setting concealer under the eyes, It adds coverage, brightens and sets everything in place. No need to worry about creasing or fading, it helps my concealer lasts all day. It is probably discontinued, but I think you can still find it online. 

Next item is the Lo'real Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel Mascara. I was very excited to get this because I've read great review and I really in need of a brow mascara to fix my sparse brows. I like that it tinted the brows, very easy to use and will set the brow in place. It contain fibers but very very tiny so it doesn't adds more hair to my brows.  I will use a brow pencil to fill in my brows then finishing it with this mascara. It definitely makes my brows looks fuller and make the color last all day. 

For lip product of the month, it must be the Jordana Easyliner for lips. I really like this brand, it is super inexpensive, easy to get and they often have some great products, like their Best Lash Mascara .  Their lip liner is the best you can find in the drugstore. They have many different shades from nudes to pinks and reds. It's retractable, great color payoff, stay on well and it costs like $2 each.  I have three different shades Baby Berry, Tawny, Sedona Red. My favorite out of the three is Baby Berry. For the past month, I like to pair it with the Rimmel Lip Lacquer in Nova in the center of the lips, it creates a nice gradient effect. 

Last but not least, the hair product of the month is the L'oreal Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray. This is a really great find of the month. This serves as a heat protection spray and a primer spray for hair styling. I feel like it helps shorten the blow dry time but not a significant difference. It does makes my hair very soft and more manageable, it also smells good.

That's it for the all the favorites for the month of April. Thanks for reading.

Jordana Easyliner for lips in baby berry, Rimmel Lip Lacquer in Nova


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