May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014

Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow

Revlon Hightlighting Palette 020 Rose Glow

This Revlon palette is a late discovery for me, I haven't been to the drugstore very often until recently so  certainly I missed some great products and this is definitely one of them. The minute I saw this on the Revlon display, I know I have to have it. The packaging is sleek and chic, the color combination in this palette is just so pretty. (You don't often see that in a drugstore product) Initially, I did not realize this is a highlight. I am not a fan of highlight and I rarely buy highlighting products because they lasts forever, but this one is so different and I already plan in my mind that I can use this for other things, such as eye shadow or blush so I grab it without any further thoughts. 
As you can see, this palette has five shades in the pan and colors ranging from peachy shades to pinks. They all contains different levels amount of shimmer, the top, bottom and middle shades are quite shimmery, has a lot of big sparkle in it. The other two shades are satin finish.  The texture of these colors are very nice and smooth, it has decent amount of pigmentation, one sweep on the cheek can definitely be noticeable. The five shades together gives a very pretty shimmery rosey color, not to bright or too sparkly. I think it's wearable as highlight, but if you don't like sparkles and shimmers on your face at all, this is not for you.  I have also tried using these shades selectively as eye shadows, and highlight for the brow bone, it turns out pretty good too. So in all I am very happy with this little palette.  

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2 评论:

  1. What lovely shades - so pretty!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. That looks lovely in the swatch. I am not a big highlighter person either, so I usually skip over the highlighters.


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