Sep 13, 2013

Sep 13, 2013

Bobbi Brown Brighten and Correct Eye Duo

Set Contains a tinted eye brightener (6 ml) and hydrating eye cream (3 ml).

As we all know it is very important that we taking care of our delicate eye area. Properly prep, conceal the under eye area makes a big difference of how you look. I think it is one of the biggest challenge among all the makeup steps. I have tried a lot of eye creams for the past, ranging from high end to drugstore ones. It is the most difficult thing for me to do because there are so much things such as price, ingredient to research and experiment. It's really hard to find one that actually works well for both skincare and makeup purposes.
The eye cream from the set is a hydrating eye cream that is lightweight and easy absorbing. The texture is not overly thick nor liquidy. It hydrates and nourishes the under eye area very well without any heavy or oily feeling. I noticed that it helps to reduce the appearance of the fine lines under my eyes so that any concealer or powder applied on top would not set into the lines and makes it more noticeable.

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener light bisque
I don't recall any memory of using a tinted eye brightener so this is my first one. The reason why I like it not only because it serves well as a brightener for the eye area ,I found it works just well for the rest of my face. 
It has a fluid texture and applies very light on the eye area, easy to blend. I prefer to use my fingers rather than a brush just so it helps for the product to melt into the skin. What I like about it is that it doesn't just sit on top of the skin or looks powdery or unnatural. It doesn't add heaviness when adding concealer on top. I don't have super dark circles at the moment so it works wonder for me. 
Primarily, this is for use brighten or correct areas such as at the inner corner of the eyes, underneath and close to the lashes. As for me, I found this is also good for use cancel out any darkness or uneven tones on my face, areas like around my nose, mouth, chin area. I want to clarify that this is not enough for covering dark circles and imperfections because it is not a concealer.  This is suppose to use underneath the concealer to help covering up dark circles. One important thing I want to mention is make sure you choose the right shade.
 In all, I think this duo is worth checking out if you're struggling with covering dark circles and concealer itself doesn't do the work for you.
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Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.

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4 评论:

  1. It looks like this set is worth a try. Like you, I always had the same reasons and difficulty for choosing eye creams. The fact that this one reduces fine lines seems to be a nice feature. Have you tried the Bobbi Brown corrector? How does the coverage for this tinted eye brightener compare? :)

  2. I have not tried the corrector by Bobbi Brown. I don't think you can compare this brightener to the correct or a concealer because it is just serves to help brighten and correct the eye area so that it makes easier to cover it when apply a concealer on top.

  3. ohhh sorry I seemed to have missed read a whole section of your post! I reread, and now it makes much more sense. Thanks for the correction haha >_<

  4. It was your comment that reminded me that the way I put it is kinda confusing, sorry for that, now I rearranged my words so it makes more sense now.


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