Mar 20, 2013

Mar 20, 2013

DIY: Freestyle Magnetic Makeup Palette

 Hi loves, today I want to share with you my recent DIY,how to make the freestyle magnetic makeup palette. If you have lots of eye shadows, blush palettes and you are looking for ways to storage and save some space, this will probably help you. I know there are loads of videos and tutorials online you can find out how to do it or you can just purchase Z Palette or any other freestyle magnetic makeup palette, but I thought just share with you what I've tried, the easiest and inexpensive way to do it.

The first way is if you wanted a one big palette, then you can get an empty makeup palette (not magnetic) on ebay. There are loads of different size palettes you can choose, what I got is the 15 pcs empty eyeshadow palette about $3 or $4.  
15 PCS 36mm Empty Eyeshadow Aluminum Pans with Palette (23cm x 15.2cm x 1.1cm)

What I found the easiest way is to use adhesive magnetic sheets. What I used is the Master Magnetics magnetic sheet (5 in × 8 in). I purchased these from my local ACE Hardware store.(the store can order it for you if they don't carry it.) It comes with one sheet so you may want to get an extra.
 So after you receive the palette what you do is take out all the pans and the foam then clean it up.You can use rubbing alcohol or nail polishes remover to get rid of the glue. Then the second step is place the magnetic sheet inside. Depending on the size of the palette you might need to cut or arrange the magnetic sheet. If you are fine with how it looks then you can now place your makeup in and you are done!

 As you can see the palette I got is a little big than the magnetic sheet, which is fine since it covers most area (no need to fill those edges if the main part is covered).  What you can also do is place a piece of decorated paper on top just so it looks nicer.
Now on to the depotted makeups, for those doesn't have the magnetic ability you can cut piece of the magnetic sheet and place it under so it will become magnetic.

Another way to do it is using old makeup palette, recycling it to make it magnetic. I happen to have this old palette that I really liked. The size is so perfect to hold and it has a huge mirror inside, so there's no way I'm throwing it away.
So for these palettes which has a plastic pan inside that holds the products, you can empty it by taking it out. Then just cut off the magnetic sheet and place it inside.

 What's great about making one of these is that you can put whatever the color you like and switch it up any time you want. I have my everyday must have eyeshadows, blush and bronzer in it. It has made my life so much easier and saved me a lot of time. What's also great is it's perfect for traveling. You can choose what you want to bring and it saves space.

I had so much fun making these and I hope it helps for those of you who are looking for ways to storage your depotted makeups.

Some extra tips:
If you don't have too much to put in I suggest getting a smaller palette, large palette is great for storage but not convenient to use everyday.
Keep in mind the empty palettes from ebay is not going to be high quality, you get what you pay for.
Get better quality magnetic sheets to use. Thin, paper like magnetic sheets are not going to do the job well .
Do not depot all the makeups that you had, keep some for carrying or traveling.
For how to depot eyeshadows, you can find videos on YouTube. The best way I tried is melt the bottom of the palette by heat then push the product out, this way it won't break the shadows.

Thanks for reading and hope you find it helpful!

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  1. Great post! I need to start turning some old palette boxes into the smalle customized color palettes like the ones you show here!

  2. This is very informative. I'll keep this in mind when I run out of space on my makeup drawers.

  3. What a great idea love this!

  4. I should do this with some of my eyeshadows! I have tooooooooo many in containers everywhere hahaha. It's nice to make travel sizes and then larger ones for storage. Very nice!

  5. Thank you for reading! You will definitely save some space by depotting eye shadows, I found that's a lot easier for me to use them also.

  6. Hi! I absolutely LOVE this post. What a great idea.
    I'm a new follower on bloglovin, GFC & hellocotton. =0) I found your blog through Soap Deli News blog.


  7. Thanks dear! I still remember your DIY depotting eye shadow tutorial!

  8. does your eyeshadows and what not slide around since the magnetic paper isnt super strong?

  9. How did you get the wet and wild eyeshadows to stick? They're made of an unmagnetic material.

  10. I love your old palette, what used to be in it?

  11. גלית אופלJune 27, 2014 at 2:45 PM

    Hi. The link you shared is with pans. In your blog you show a pallete with no pans/holes.
    could you please explain. Thank you :-)

  12. the palette come with pans inside but you can easily take it out, the pans inside is made with foam.

  13. So helpful, thanks! Now I have a plain cheap palette to put my wetnwild eyeshadows together <3


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