Jan 8, 2013

Jan 8, 2013

Review: Shiseido Hada Senka UV BB Cream

Shiseido Hada Senka UV BB Cream SPF 41 PA++  45g


This BB cream is in natural shade with yellow undertone which goes well with most skin complexion. It gives you sheer, light and natural coverage that brightens and corrects your skin tone right after application. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and smoothing powder which hydrate and smooth out rough skin texture so your skin looks more refined and dewy. With SPF41 protection, skin is protected from the damages of environmental changes and sun exposure.

What I think:

First of all,  I was sold of this BB cream because it has high SPF, contains hyaluronic acid and most favorable no makeup remover needed to take it off, so I think it will be a great choice for me to carry on my trip to FL.
This BB cream only comes in two color, I think I got the lighter shade. The description says it contains Hyaluronic acid and mineral powder which hydrate the skin also smooth and refine skin texture. The SPF really has saved me when I was in FL and it last very long. It goes on my skin pretty easily but once I start to blend, the problem starts to show.
First of all,  it doesn't blend very well so that the finish is not smooth as it claims, especially at dry area, the dry skin will appear even worse. The coverage is nice and buildable, but cakey if you apply a little more. I have tried using a primer underneath, it will help to blend but still it sets into my pores and make it really noticeable. The color is too dark for me, it has a orange undertone not yellow as it claims, so obviously it's not going to brighten up my skin tone.  Anyway, put it together it is not a product that I will recommend. 


high SPF 
last long
easy to take off, no makeup remover needed 

only comes in two shades, the lighter shade is too dark
doesn't blend well
sets into pores

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  1. Hello!Can't decide to buy or not to buy this product..:)swatches in this review r for light beige shade?
    Will be glad to see your answer!:)


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