Apr 4, 2012

Apr 4, 2012

How I Make Brown Eyes Pop & Tips for Enlarge The Eyes

To make brown eye pop    I will use a warm color eye shadow to bring out the eyelid, then add color for more depth. Select a mid tone color to blend the light and dark shade together.  My favorite color for brown eyes: peach, champagne, pearl, gold, brown.

Look 1:  Brown, gold or olive color eye shadows. 
Using different shade to create depth for the eye. Use a dark color, here I'm using dark brown color to line the outer corner of my eye, lower lash line and bring it out. Line the eye using a liquid eye liner also bring it out, this will enlarge my eye and make it looks longer.

Look 2:  Peach, or pearl color eye shadow.
Using a warm color define the eye lid, one of my favorite color for brown eye is peach color, it makes brown eyes really stand out. Use a darker color for the crease, make sure to blend it well.  Add a white or pearl color to the inner corner of the eye also below the lower lash line, this will bring out the eye even more.

       ❤ Tips for enlarge eye:   
 1: layering color to create depth for the eye. 
 2: Use dark shade and eye liner to extent the length of the eye.
3: Highlight inner corner and also below the lower lash line to make it stands out.
 4: Highlight the bridge of the nose also add contour. The position is between the eyebrow and eyes. (see picture below)

This is how I use makeup to enlarge my eyes since I cannot wear contact lenses. I'm accumulated some tips through my experience and hope you find this is helpful.
Thanks for reading!

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