Mar 13, 2012

Mar 13, 2012

Current Bronzer

H&M Bronzing Powder
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Sunny720A
ELF Studio Bronzer Golden 

( L to R, H&M Bronzer,NYC Sunny, ELF Golden)

Comparison between these three:
H&M bronzer and NYC Sunny are very similar color. NYC Sunny is slightly darker, they both are matte color. ELF Golden Bronzer contains of four very shimmery color, very pigmented.
ELF is the most soft one, feels creamy and easy to get on the brush. H&M Bronzer is next then the NYC Sunny. I feel the NYC Sunny is more harder pressed powder, I need to use more pressure to load it on my brush and also need more time to blend.
I like my H&M Bronzer the most. The texture, color is in between the other two and more natural on my face. Since I'm not a bronzer perosn, I don't use it everyday and I don't want it to be so obvious. 
ELF is more suitable as a multitask powder for me. I use all four color as eye shadow, use the lightest shade for highlighting my nose, cheek bone. NYC Sunny may be good for night out, on photo or camera. 

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