Feb 5, 2012

Feb 5, 2012

Seashell Nail color

 10 Professional Nail Lacquer 413 Birthday Suit (pink one)
 10 Professional Nail Lacquer 409 Starlit (white one)

 10 Professional Nail Lacquer 413 Birthday Suit
This is a very sheer, light pink color with light green shimmer in it. It won't show the pink tone on nails but definitively shimmery, under lights you will see the bright green shimmer, very obviously.
  10 Professional Nail Lacquer 409 Starlit (white one)
This is a shimmery white color with pink shimmer in it, better pigmented than the other one but still sheer. Under lights you will see very bright pink shimmer on nails and it is quite interesting actually.
I always like color in this range, there are so pretty and I can't get over it. Because of the added shimmer, it reminds me of seashells, especially the 413 Birthday Suit.(Note: If you don't like bright shimmer on nails you may not like them.)
I have one layer on nails, generous amount, they are very easy to work with.
Last night I saw those two in my local CVS and I have to get them. Both are 75% off, I paid a dollar something for each. 

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