Feb 16, 2012

Feb 16, 2012

Easy Elegant Lace Nails

My all time favorite nail design, white lace nails. Very neat and feminine, look good on everyone.
Simple steps to get this Elegant nail design.

❤ You will need ❤
Base coat
Sheer Nude polish 
White polish
Top Coat

Step 1  Apply base coat, after dry, apply sheer nude polish. Here I'm using a pink shimmer polish. 
(10 Professional Nail Lacquer 413 Birthday Suit)
Step 2  Get some white polish on a piece of paper. Apply white polish on the tip of your nails,
 then use the toothpick dip in the white polish, create little loop on the edge.
Step 3 Use the toothpick dip in the white polish create some small dots above the design we just did. 
Here I did three small dots close to the loops then add some bigger dots above it.
Step 4 Apply top coat to protect your design and you are done.

Note:  Do not wait until the white tip dry then do the rest of design, it will leave edges. 

Hope you like it!

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