Nov 21, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

Shopping: Whole Foods Found

Every once a while I love to shop at Whole Foods for some skin care products, they carry many of natural brands that I never heard of, and I am always excited to try out new things. I was looking for toner at this time and I came across some amazing products.

Earthscience Herbal Tonic Mist  8 oz.
Earthscience Aloe Vera Complexion Toner & Freshener 8 oz.

After I got home searching online about this brand and these two products, I am very glad that I picked the right products. 
Earthscience is a skin care line that incorporates natural ingredients, environmentally safe products with NO ANIMAL TESTING. They features face, body, hair, anti-aging and men products, free of irritants, soaps, petroleum, toxins, heavy metals, artificial colors, animal ingredients or parabens. What you will find is large range of ingredients such as sea kelp, avocado oil, gingko biloba, green tea, ginseng, papaya enzymes, bamboo oil and other effective natural ingredients. 
 Checking the product labels, you can see the ingredients are impressive.

Short review of these two products:
Not sure what's the smell, but I really dislike the aloe vera one, it works fine then.
My very favorite product so far is the herbal tonic mist. I like the smell and like the way it feels on my skin.
They both non-dying products. 
The herbal one feels fresh and cool, it hydrates skin without leaving a greasy film. And it has helped calm and protected.
Aloe vera one feel less comfortable compare to the Herbal one, it help further cleaning of any dirt or makeup has left on skin, 
at the same time tone and help skin prepared for the next step with moisturizer. 

Happy Monday.

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