Mar 4, 2011

Mar 4, 2011

Spring Nails

Hey girls,
Today I finally did my nails, I have bare nails at least two months from now because I 'm too lazy to put on any color, it's true believe it or not. I get lazy when I stay home or depress or boring, I don't even want to do my manicure routine.
Ok, today I guess I'm in the good mood so I did my nails. Since spring are already here so I want to put on some really spring color on my nails, here are the color that I choose.

Since it is acrylic nails with seashell  flakes, it take usually an hour to do both hands, it was not easy for my left hand to do my right hand. I can't believe it took me almost two hours to finish the whole thing. You know, long time no practice.

Here are the finish nails:

I think the color really bring in the spring season, hope you guys like it and have a good weekend!


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