Mar 31, 2011

Mar 31, 2011

Review - Naruko Products

Review items:

MARJORAM AND LAVENDER Brightening Lotion Dew (150 ml)
MARJORAM AND LAVENDER Brightening Serum (30 ml)
MARJORAM AND LAVENDER Classical Brightening Night Gelly (60 ml) 
MAGNOLIA Brightening And Firming Night Eye Gelly (30 ml)

First, I have to say I do see whitening and brightening effect, my skin texture was improved. I don't know which item really did this but I guess they all help.

 MARJORAM AND LAVENDER Brightening Lotion Dew (150 ml)
I use this after I clean my face, with a cotton pad this lotion works very well, skin feel refresh and deep clean. I don't think it helps hydrate my skin enough but it does release that tight feeling. Very light texture and good for warm weather. 
It is not a very good hydrating lotion( if you have dry skin) but if you looking for item that has brightening effect, this will be the right choice. It will last probably three to four months to use up, in all it's a good product. 

MARJORAM AND LAVENDER Brightening Serum (30 ml)

The texture really is a amazing, I like this type of serum. I use two drops for both my face and neck every morning and night. It's absorb very quickly about 3 seconds after you put it on, skin won't feel sticky or oily, it just feel nothing on your skin, for me, I still feel my skin is dry. It help whitening and brightening very well, I can see that after three weeks using. 
This serum probably will last two month, you can see I only have half left.

MARJORAM AND LAVENDER Classical Brightening Night Gelly (60 ml) 

Again, very good texture and also very light, has cooling effect. It take about 3 mins to totally absorb. I have problem using this before and I thought this product is not for me, because it's not hydrating at all and my skin still looks very dry in the morning,  but after three weeks it turn better, I guess it's because my skin was too dry at first so it take time to change. 
I use this almost every night after 3-5 mins I put on my moisturizer, I still have 2/3 product left in the jar.
In all, for me this helps brightening skin very well but not for hydrating.

MAGNOLIA Brightening And Firming Night Eye Gelly (30 ml)

This probably is the most satisfied product out of all Naruko products that I have tried. I'm not saying the other items are not good, just I feel I like this one best. 
First, the texture is great, the most comfortable eye product that I've tried in my life, very good for the delicate eye area. Not heavy, very smooth and just about enough nutrition for the eye area. I have really dark under eye circle that is the reason why I need this, but we all know this problem isn't easy to fix. Now I still have dark under eye circle,  but  not that bad as before, this product helps firming and also brightening. So I'm not look very tired after I get up in the morning,  this make me really happy.

Here is my bare face!

In all, I'm very satisfy with my purchase, I think the  MARJORAM AND LAVENDER brightening line products really works well on brightening and whitening, if you are looking for this effect then it might be the right choice. But next time I will switch to other line.

BTW, I have one more experience using Naruko products that I want to share,
may be this will work on other skin care product as well. 
It is cleaning, by saying this it isn't mean you wash your face or use a cleaning mask, I mean deep cleaning, those dirt in your pores and any other dirt that can't not be wash off by regular cleaning routine.
Because if you are not doing cleaning well, it will hurt the effect of any other product you use on your face, no matter how expensive it is or how amazing it will be, the effect will be reduce. I found this after first week that I use the Naruko product, because my pores seem larger and also more visible than before, then after research on my face, I found what cause this is cleaning, I'm not doing cleaning well. 
So what I use now is facial massage oil to do my deep cleaning, it take 8-10 mins per time and I do this twice per week.

I hope this review will help and have a nice weekend!

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